Response to Myanmar Floods

Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS)

                                                                                               Response to Myanmar Floods August 2015


Villages Reached

People Rescued

People Provided Food & Water

Medical Support








15 villages


Flood Response Activities - August 2015


In Kalay Town there was flash flood and many areas of the town were submerged. KMSS staff of Kalay Diocese made makeshift boats and rescued about 725 people from two villages near Kalay Town. KMSS staff also helped to move patients and medicines from Kalay Civil Hospital to the Military Hospital when the flood waters entered the wards and the dispensary.

Immediately with the onset of flood in the 1st week of August 2015, KMSS Network in Kalay, Pathein and Yangon tapped into their reserve funds and local contributions to provide food and water to many of the families that had to move to protected shelters like schools, Churches and Pagodas. KMSS Network reached out to about 45,237 people in 40 protected shelters with emergency food and water rations with the coordination and collaboration of Regional Relief and Resettlement Department and other partners. KMSS Pathein also provided mobile clinic service to 15 villages that was managed by 1 Doctor and 3 nurses.



 Receiving food from KMSS distribution points in Kyawk taw- Rakhine State


In addition to the support provided in protected shelters, KMSS Network in Pyay, Pathein, Hakha and Yangon Dioceses provided about 1 week of supply of food, oil, salt and water to 12,869 people of 3,182 households spread across 57 villages in Yangon Region, Ayerawady Region and Chin State.


Coordination and Administration

KMSS National Office (KMSS NO) ERST assigned one focal person to each responding KMSS Diocese (KMSS DO). The focal persons are in the field and assisted the KMSS DO to have more coordination and support during the distribution and to have proper documentation.

 Humanitarian Director Ms. Suzana from CI had meeting with Chair Bishop and Directors

It must be noted that coordination during this flood response between government, (the GO set up Disaster Relief Office), NGOs and other response parties has been quite good. Township officials have been coordinating between different parties and have managed to large extent to avoid overlap

KMSS NO ERST was able to organize to share the Human Resource to the flood responding Diocesans offices. 5 logistic staff will be in the different KMSS offices and National office to support the logistic activities.


CI Appeal generated good response and KMSS received a commitment of USD 751,000 from 16 donors.  However, as of now we have to receive funds of about USD 300,000.






Water level decreased but still hard to move around

Many people in Chin state have been displaced due to landslides and the need for support is substantial. However, the resources available with KMSS (and government and NGOs) to reach out to all the people and meet their needs are very limited. Fortunately, response to supporting flood affected people has come from many sources and noteworthy contribution has been made by private and individual donors. In many locations, UN and INGOs have limitations and the gap is being filled by local NGOs and the civil society players.

Due to heavy damage to transport infrastructure, access too many flood affected areas is still very difficult, resulting in exorbitant transport costs. In some cases, most of the available boats have been reserved for other activities so making it impossible for KMSS and others to reach to flood affected villages.


As is expected, markets are not able to replenish stocks of food and other essential items and KMSS is not able to find adequate supplies of relief items in the local market. KMSS has identified alternate markets for relief supplies that are at a higher price.


Flood Response Plans for September 2015


With support from Caritas International Network partners, KMSS will continue to work with six Diocese to provide relief support to flood affected people. The plans are to target:




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