2016 Six Monthly Review & Planning Meeting KMSS National Office

2016 Six Monthly Review & Planning Meeting

KMSS National Office


KMSS National Office organizes regular the Quarterly Managerial Coordination Meeting, Six Monthly Review & Planning Meeting, Annual Review & Planning Meeting and Annual Retreat for National Office staff. Six monthly Review & Planning Meeting is some things a special event for all the National Office staff to participate in celebrating for their achievements, sharing lessons learned, learning the good practices, sectoral cross-learning, further discussions on organizational concerns and updating the key actions for the next 6 months. participants


At this 3-day six monthly review & planning meeting held from 20th -22nd July, 2016 at Famous Hotel in Bago, each sector presented the most significant achievement aligned with 8 legends directive from National Director within the past 6 months and shared the updated future plans. Among 8 legends, under Coordination, Intra-Coordination is highlighted as special focus area for improvement among National Office to strengthen sectoral coordinated manner for cross-learning and mutual support to meet the needs. Each sector identified and selected partner sectors and the joint sectors brought key joint action points to be taken in the next 6 months.  This serves as an on-going organization learning link between sectors and Our KMSS- Network Organizations.


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Dr. Win Tun Kyi shared National Office Leadership vision and mission for the next 4 years (2017-2021). He highlighted the Institutional Roles and Staff Roles. Head of Finance Department and CIMS Coordinator, Ma Tin Moe Aye shared KMSS National Office CIMS assessment update by June, 2016 and following CIMS, the Consolidated Financial Report Jan-June, 2016 highlighted and reminded the program staff to work closely with finance department for the understanding and managing the budget.


The Managerial staff discussed on the grant management question how these over-spent verses underspent and exchange rate gained and lost can be managed in the programs and working structures in National Office and in the partnership with funding agencies in the future. The managerial staff highlighted how the importance of regular budget tracking and reviewing with focal finance staff, well studied on the contract agreement, values based partners’ identification and selection, regular donor communication and so on.


KMSS National Office Archive System information provided how the importance of documents to maintain systematically and help in the effective knowledge dissemination to the next generations. The documents data to keep in archive will be collected from 2011. The quarterly archive update system is preferred.


Finally and most importantly, with the intent of deepening our relationship with God and strengthening our faith in application to daily life and in serving the poor and needy, Spiritual Talk Session was organized and conducted by Fr. Bruno from Yangon Archdiocese. Spiritual talk special highlighted that Jesus washing the Disciples feet and serving the poor.  I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet. So you also should wash one another’s feet. I have given you an example. You should do as I have done for you. - John 13:14-15 group group

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