Background Of KMSS-Pekhon

KMSS-Pekhon is one of 16 Diocesan Karuna offices in Myanmar and is operating humanitarian and development work in Pekhon Diocese which covers 5 townships ( Pekhon, Pin Long, Hsi Hseng, Naung Ta Yar, Mauk Mei) in Southern Shan State, Myanmar. KMSS-Pekhon due to limit of fund/grant and capacity is focusing the programme operations particularly in Pekhon Township and Pin Long Township.

KMSS-Pekhon, mandated by the local Church, was established on August 5th, 2006 and is a faith-based, non-profit and non-political organization. KMSS-Pekhon, guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, commits itself to uplifting the quality and dignity of the people, especially the poor and the marginalized, regardless of gender, creed and nationality.


People, based on Love or Compassion, live in dignity and quality of life.


KMSS-Pekhon, guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, commit to promoting peace and holistic development of the people (esp. the disadvantaged) in Pekhon Diocese and Pekhon Township through network, technical assistance and material support.

Currently, KMSS-Pekhon has been actively engaging in the following programmes:

  1. Emergency Relief (Lenten Fund, WFP)
  2. Education (NFPE, CCA, ECCD, English and Computer class)
  3. Health (Pediatric health center)
  4. Livelihood (Micro-credit, sustainable agriculture, rice bank)
  5. Social Protection (CBCP)

Currently, there are 42 staffs (6 office staff and 38 project or support staffs) that have been actively engaging in the programme operations.

Contact list:

  1. Fr. Robert, Director, [email protected]
  2. Cet Lynn, Programme Coordinator, [email protected]
  3. Abraham Aung Tun, Programme Manager, [email protected]

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